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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Hello, I'm so pleased you've made it here. I hope you have found what you was looking for and found navigation easy enough. So, I'm here to say hello and introduce myself as the person behind NancyB Yarns. I'm Natalie better known as Nat or Mummy and I have a yarn addiction, any yarn will do but the chunkier the better. Working with yarn full time has been a long term dream of mine which I've managed to achieve after lots of research, product testing and hours of reading. I'm a keen knitter and crocheter and LOVE arm knitting. There's something so therapeutic about creating something with yarn. My love of yarn started as a very small child making pompoms and learning to knit with my Grandma. I mastered the basics and when I say the basics I was able to knit a scarf in knit. I shelved my learning until the birth of my first child when I realised after working full time I wasn't one for sitting still so I got my knitting needles out. From here I have self taught knitting, crochet and arm knitting to a high standard, however the beauty of yarn crafts is there's always something new to learn and master.

My background is in business and management, particularly people management and I'm also a qualified midwife which in turn makes me a massive feminist. I no longer work as a midwife as it just didn't suit life with a young, large family but my heart will always be in the profession and with new and growing families. I have a very supportive Husband who literally has my back with every crazy project I fly into at 1000 miles an hour. We have 4 beautiful children under the age of 12, three boys and one girl and no we didn't keep trying until we got a girl, it just happened that way and yes, we do have a television and we also know what causes it! Any parent of more than 3 children will know what I'm getting at here! I'm also Mum to two naughty pooches who drive me insane but complete us. When I'm not rolling around in yarn you'll find me in my gym gear lifting weights or spinning. I once ran a half marathon but swiftly fell out with running not long after. I could tell you so much more but I'm sure you're really not that interested. So once again thank you for visiting, I really hope we was able to help and if didn't have what you was looking for please contact us at or come and see us on Facebook or Instagram. I love new and fresh ideas and I want to know what else you think we could over onto of our current product lines.

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